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Written by michael

March 3, 2022

FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) has announced new ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training) regulations.(*) Beginning February 7th 2022 those seeking to obtain CDL for the first time, upgrade an existing Class B CDL to a Class A CDL, or obtaining a school bus, passenger, or hazardous materials endorsement for the first time, will be required to prove certification with the Training Provider Registry, a database housing individual training details.
Training Providers will be required to update individual trainee details for each and every student.

A complicated process for any provider to undertake, updating all student grades, scores, time spent on coursework and on ranges, passing and failing details, and tracking student payments for tuition, balances, and other fees. Now all these details need uploading to the Training Provider Registry, all this before your students are allowed to receive the license for the course you have provided.

TruckTrack works to simplify and automate this entire process, enhancing how you grade, updating your receivables, tracking student progress and tuitions, and updating the Training Registry provider regularly and frequently, allowing your students and trainees to receive certification the same day of curriculum and training completion.

TruckTrack utilizes SchoolVision software, and integrates with nearly all student information systems. This means that TruckTrack works on top of, or in sync with, your current software, enhancing availability, discoverability, reporting, grading, inventory, etc. These tools will make what you do now easier, automated, and save you time. Simplify how you organize your training. The possibilities really are endless.


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