Benefits of Biometric Time & Attendance for Schools and Colleges

bio metric attendance

Written by SM Pack

September 4, 2019

Before the emergence of affordable technology, teachers manually tracked attendance on a daily basis, just as their work hours were manually tracked by school administrators. Class times, breaks, extracurricular activities, and sports events were set at predetermined times, and our academic lives revolved around those schedules. As we graduated from college and moved on to workplaces as new employees, our hours and attendance continued to be tracked in a labor-intensive way, all while payroll would compute our salaries to comply with increasingly complex workforce regulations.

Compliance is an inadvertent casualty of manual time and attendance tracking, increasing risk even as Department of Education steps up enforcement of credit hour reporting. At many educational institutions, time and attendance tracking continues to remain a manual, laborious process, using paper and spreadsheet-based recording. Inevitably, errors creep in, often taking hours or even days to pinpoint and rectify. Payroll managers and financial aid administrators have their work cut out for them as they try to accurately compute financial aid disbursements and wages due. Over time, this situation compounds, leaving schools vulnerable to inaccurate reporting.

In recent years, many leading educational institutions have chosen to adopt automated time and attendance tracking to mitigate erroneous reporting and streamline back office processes. Unlike other software companies that provide minimal adjunct attendance services, SchoolVision provides a plethora of custom reports specific to the education industry; that means no more worry about pulling vague reports or raising a red flag. We created our software with financial aid directors, deans, and presidents in mind every step of the way.

SchoolVision Bio-metric Time and attendance tracking helps educational institutions:

• Track time worked by faculty, staff, student workers, volunteers, and part time employees
• Enhance security for students, staff, instructors, and administrators
• Streamline the payroll and financial aid disbursement process
• Ensure compliance with Financial Aid
• Stop time theft & Buddy Punching
• Understand workforce availability
• Optimize scheduling of resources and staffing of projects
• Gain insight into student engagement

The multiple advantages offered with time and attendance tracking make it a natural choice for schools and colleges looking to upgrade from obsolete manual tracking systems in a modern era of technology. Our cloud-based solutions can easily scale up with the growth of any educational institution, and have a proven return on investment to boot.

Want to learn more? Visit our Timeclock page.

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