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Point of Sale

Campus-wide • Mobile • Secure

  • POS and Integrations for Food Services & Cafés, Bookstores, Events, etc.
  • Accept
    • Credit/Debit Cards
    • Student ID
    • Gift Cards
    • Loyalty Cards
    • Apple, Samsung, Google Pay and many others
  • Parent Portal Funding and Convenient Cash Card Loading
  • Mobile – Events, Food Trucks, etc.
  • Integrated POS with Your Current Student Systems

Point of Sale


  • All-in-One
  • Mobile
  • Kiosk
  • Barcode Reader
  • Touchscreen
touch dynamic hardware options
connected devices

Point of Sale


  • Mobile Ordering
  • Waitlist
  • E-Commerce Webstore
  • Mobile Payments
  • Mobile Credentials (Student ID)

Information Security

Safe and Secure

  • Encrypted In-Transit and At-Rest
  • P2PE-Validated/PCI-Compliant
  • Role-Based Security Levels
  • Password and/or Biometric Security (Fingerprint, Facial, etc.)
  • Protected Student Information
  • Secure Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid Hosting
  • Single Sign-On Integration
  • Test and Production Sites
online security
inventory management icon

Central Inventory Management

Manage • Automate • Centralize

  • Manage a Single Store or Many
  • Automated Re-Ordering
  • Scheduled Cycle Counts
  • PO Approval Flow Management
  • Tablet-Centric
  • Kit Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Barcode Printing
  • Shelf Tags
  • Promotions/Discounts
  • E-Commerce Integration

Campus Payments

Flexible • Compliant • Mobile

  • Access Online, at Kiosk, or on a Mobile Device
  • FERPA and NACHA Compliant
  • Integrates with Nearly All Payment Gateways
  • Interactive Parent Portal
  • Recurring Payments (Payment Plans)
  • Payment Methods
    • Credit Cards
    • ACH
    • Checks
    • Cash
    • etc.
online and mobile payments
bio metric attendance

Time & Attendance


  • Utilize Password, Fingerprint, and/or Facial Recognition
  • Track Clock Hours
  • Track Credit Hours
  • Ensure Accurate Attendance
  • Verify Identity
  • Increase Student Accountability


Comprehensive • Repeatable • Mobile

  • Free Teachers and Faculty from the Traditional Grade Book
  • Standardize Metrics
  • Create Comparable Statistics
  • Accurate and Comprehensive
  • Save Time and Money
  • Automated, Mobile, and Web-Based Flexibility
online engagement

Mobile Tracking


Easily see activity for employees, students, vehicles, or technology as you need it. Give your school peace of mind.

Vaccine Verification


Track COVID and other vaccinations and link them directly to your SIS

people reporting


Robust • Customizable • Automated

  • Integrate Across Campus
  • Customizable & Robust Dashboards
  • Export to CSV, Excel, or PDF
  • Schedule Reports by email or FTP Servers
  • Over 700 Standard Reports
  • Automate Your Reporting


With your current Student Systems

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