Robust Reporting


Dynamic Reporting

Scheduled Reporting

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Reporting Across Campus and Beyond

SchoolVision was built from the ground up for centralized reporting. Every transaction is tagged down to the employee, shift, and terminal, but remains part of the consolidated database that can stretch across any size school and encompass all transactions, inventory, and customers. Incorporating all campus card transactions allows for one-stop-shopping for data about student and staff purchases — not just who, but what, where, when, how much and sometimes even why. Personalized marketing and feedback requests, help optimize product mix and pricing while refining promotions and customer service.

graphic reporting

Dashboards for Interactive Reporting

At-a-glance mobile and web-optimized responsive dashboard reporting visually shows sales, inventory, customer, and discount data interactively. This dynamic view makes it easy to drill down to a transaction from an aggregate – all with a user-friendly visual interface. Push a button and work from KPI to transaction detail and every data point in between.

Dynamic Reports in PDF or Excel (csv)

Reports that you use every day and compare from one period to the next need to stay consistent and repeatable. Such reports are built-in and customizable in SchoolVision with every report able to be exported to a PDF or Excel/csv file.

pdf or csv exports

Scheduled Reporting by Email

Managers are 5 times more likely to read a report that arrives by email than to log in and run it themselves—even if it is required! Reports run at different times may also have different statistics since more sales may have happened. Encourage report reading while keeping everyone on the same page with SchoolVision’s automated Report Scheduler. When the Scheduler sends a report to one or more email addresses at a given time of day, on a given day of the week, month, or year, everyone receives the same report at the same time in their inbox. The file is attached so they do not need to log in to anything but email.