Key Trends Driving Innovation in the Point of Sale Market

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Written by SM Pack

June 24, 2019

Technology is ever-changing; updates and new versions for your favorite mobile device happen daily, with an ever-present expectation to keep you ‘in the tech loop’. But when we think of the business side of updates, why does the Point of Sale industry seem so behind? Consider the POS software in your business-when was the last time you upgraded? Statistics show that 70% of small and medium sized businesses haven’t updated their POS for about 5 years. That is a major jump from the daily and monthly updates we see with our Apple and Android devices.

Point of Sale is changing with the times and innovation in POS technology is spreading to almost every industry. Of course any business or school needs a solution that will endure the test of time, but you also need innovation that your guests already expect. Read on to find out the three key POS trends driving innovation in the market today and determine where your system stands.

Intuitive InterfaceAs consumers are addicted to smartphones, looking for simple, convenient and efficient ways to get what they need, whether it’s the news, a taxi, or even money from a friend. The evolution of the cell phone started with several buttons and overly complicated features to no buttons with just a touch screen. If simple means innovative, why has the Point of Sale experience been so complicated, stricken with boring linear processes?

If you’re in the market for a new POS system, you’re likely searching for the latest POS trends. The first place to consider is the user experience and interface. Seems obvious right? While most companies tend to think of the hardware and profits first and foremost, user interface is placed on the back burner until guests become upset and wrong orders prevail. Guests need simple applications and want to see their order before payment or create an entire order on their own with online ordering or self-service kiosks. On the flip-side, staff expect the interface to have familiarity, bright colors, bold words, and image-based technology for quickness and accuracy.

Cloud-Based Omnichannel Ordering

Omnichannel guest ordering is a pivotal to the latest POS technology, and is referred to as the multiple touch points for payment within an establishment. Whether it’s with the incorporation of self-service kiosks to provide guests the ability to make orders on their own, handheld POS tablets geared to cut down line wait times, or mobile ordering implementations, giving your guests multiple options will subsequently make their experience more enjoyable all while increasing your bottom line.

With the advent of omnichannel orders and payments, cloud-based solutions are also becoming a key player in innovation. The mobility, security, and overall labor-saving potential afforded by cloud technology has made work simpler for businesses of every kind. Cloud-based Point of Sale systems are becoming the new standard in service by improving the process as well as guest experience with no disruption in data migration. Cloud technology provides flexibility for your guests and staff, security and dependability for your entire operation, and will ultimately save you time and money.

Robust Data & Analytics

In the past, POS providers offered solutions that lacked key data and analytics to drive the business. As technology booms, the ability to access that information with heat maps, real-time inventory tracking, hot item information, employee or register stats and more is becoming imperative to maintain a healthy organization. How many times have you gone to your favorite restaurant or store to find they are out of stock of the most popular items? Preventing such a situation is seemingly impossible for the average business owner, but thoroughly analyzing your business with real-time inventory tracking and management, you not only improve your day-to-day management processes, you also get a glimpse into consumer trends to prepare you for the future and what your guests want most.

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