Accept Any Payment, Anywhere

Unified Transactions


PCI-Compliant Bankcard Processing

Flex Dollars

& Declining Balance Accounts

Fee-free Gift Cards

& Stored Value Cards

Department Charges

& Inclining Balance

Campus Point of Sale Payments

Cash, Check, Bankcard, Gift & Voucher Payments plus Inclining and Declining Balance. Meet today’s compliance challenges head on with end-to-end encrypted processing, no bankcard data stored in SchoolVision or at your school, and continual monitoring to comply with the latest requirements. Using your existing campus ID or a new Mobile ID from SchoolVision, every transaction is unified on campus.

handheld point of sale processing

P2PE-Validated/PCI-Compliant Bankcard Processing

Protect your school from costly and damaging data breaches with SchoolVision’s trusted bankcard solution using P2PE-validated readers from Ingenico and Verifone and secure infrastructure from FISGlobal with gateways to support nearly any processor. With our P2PE-validated solution, your PCI scope and assessment costs are reduced by up to 90%.

Flex Dollars & Declining Balance Accounts

Whether used campus-wide or specifically for a particular venue or product, pre-loaded funds allow schools to become almost entirely cashless and help students budget their spending. With a fully integrated portal, students, parents and sponsors can manage their campus funds online and add funds with bankcards or checking accounts (via ACH). Full purchase histories are visible and
reporting on how often and how much is spent is visible on the portal as well. Purchasing with certain declining balance accounts can be specialized to apply only to certain products, venues or even certain days of the week to match spending with the intended use for the funds.

flex dollars
gift card

Fee-free Gift Cards & Stored Value Cards

Gift cards and stored value cards make it quick and easy to take payments, especially for items that are routinely purchased. While SchoolVision integrates every major 3rd party provider, its built-in stored value system makes it easier and less expensive—pay for the card but never pay a fee per transaction.

Department Charges & Inclining Balance

Internal charges have always been challenging to manage: How much can be spent? By whom? On what? All those questions are easy to answer with SchoolVision’s account engine. Set up budgets, access, and product purchase restrictions all within the SchoolVision back-office. All transactions can flow automatically to your financials and purchasing systems for streamlined accounting.